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Paradigm Clinical Research Centers

Redding, CA has several Investigators to cover all therapeutic indications. Dr. Jamshid Saleh, MD is a highly trained Neurosurgeon, and has been a very well respected physician in the area for the last 20 years. Dr. Saleh graduated from the University of Birmingham Medical School. He did a 2-year research fellowship at the Stanford School of Medicine in the field of Neuroscience. Dr. Saleh has an extensive patient data base to draw patients from.

Dr. Saleh’s clinical research experience expands far beyond neuroscience. He has run Phase I, II, III, IV, and first in human trials. We are also a yellow fever dedicated vaccine center, that can run almost any vaccine trial. We have run Ebola, Rabies, Small Pox, Pandemic and other types of flu.

Redding is the state's largest city north of Sacramento, as well as the northern most designated metropolitan area and city with over 120,000 people. Redding is a little over 2 hours north of Sacramento. There is a major airport that is no more than 20 minutes from the site. There are 2 major hospitals that Dr. Saleh has privileges and dozens of clinics and physicians whom refer patients to us frequently.